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10 availabilities sailing in the next 180 days.

  • Golondrina Tourist

    Up to 35% off regular price
  • Fragata Tourist Superior

    Up to 32% off regular price

Departing in the next 30 days

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  • Reduced risk of any transaction problems using unreliable intermediaries.
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Average non-discounted daily rates (2019 / 2020 prices):

Luxury: $700 /day and higher
First Class: $525 - $700 /day
Tourist Superior: $475 to $525 /day
Tourist / Economy: $325 to $475 /day


Because I was dealing with the ship owner, I felt I had more control over my trip, and I knew that if there were any problems, the chances of getting the run-around were a lot smaller than if I booked with an unknown middle-man travel agent."

Bob Anderson, Canada

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