Galapagos Fragata Cruise Ship | Weekly Galapagos Cruises Available!

Tourist Superior - 16 pax.

The Fragata is a spacious and comfortable owner-operated motor yacht that accommodates 16 passengers in cozy, double, twin and single cabin, all decorated and equipped to provide guests a relaxing cruise in the Galapagos islands.   The Fragata welcomes you on board and invites you to discover the pristine habitat of the unique animals and primeval flora and fauna of the Galapagos archipelago. 

8 double cabins, private bathroom with hot water, air conditioning, living room, TV, DVD, mini-library, dining room, bar, ample sundeck.

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Welcome aboard!


* indicates additional embarkation / disembarkation days. Contact ship owner for details.

Fri AM Arrival in Baltra and transfer to boat
PM Santa Cruz: Bachas Beach
Sat AM Genovesa: El Barranco
PM Genovesa: Darwin Bay
Sun AM Bartolome Island
PM Santiago: Sullivan Bay
Mon AM South Plaza Island
PM Santa Fe Island
Tue AM San Cristobal: Witch Hill
PM San Cristobal: Kicker Rock / Lobos Island
Wed AM Española: Punta Suarez
PM Española: Gardner Bay / Gardner Islet / Osborn Islet
Thu AM Floreana: Cormorant Point / Devil's Crown
PM Santa Cruz: Charles Darwin Station
Fri AM North Seymour Island and transfer to the airport
Fri AM Arrival in Baltra and transfer to boat
PM Mosquera Islet
Sat AM Isabela: Vicente Roca Point
PM Fernandina: Espinoza Point
Sun AM Isabela: Urbina Bay
PM Isabela: Tagus Cove
Mon AM Santiago: Egas Port
PM Chinese Hat
Tue AM Santa Cruz: Charles Darwin Station; transfer to Baltra airport
Tue AM Arrive Baltra airport
Santa Cruz Island: Primicias ranch
Wed AM Isabela Island: Tintoreras – Arnaldo Tupiza Breeding Center
PM Isabela Island: Wetlands, Wall of Tears
Thu AM Rabida Island
PM Santa Cruz Island: Cerro Dragon
Fri AM Santa Cruz Island: Black Turtle Cove, drop off at Baltra Airport
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