Samba Active Galapagos
Tourist Superior - 14 pax.

CNH Tours charters the Galapagos family owned and operated SAMBA for its unique "ACTIVE GALAPAGOS" trip.  Enjoy a top quality hand picked guide, a great itinerary, more snorkeling, longer hikes on a highly reputable ship.   We designed this trip for those who want to get the most out of a Galapagos cruise - a perfect combination to have a trip of a lifetime - exactly how 90% of our guests rate their adventure.

The Samba regularly receives top reviews on TripAdvisor for her great crew, excellent guides, tasty meals and cozy layout.   She is a true European Dutch classic and the best in her class. A great ocean-going vessel with her specially designed high bow, she provides safe crossings and boasts a special stabilizing sail.  

She accommodates 14 guests, a perfect number to enjoy the magic of the Islands with privacy and flexibility. 

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* indicates additional embarkation / disembarkation days. Contact ship owner for details.

Tue AM Arrival in Baltra and transfer to boat
PM Santa Cruz: Las Bachas Beach
Wed AM Genovesa: Darwin Bay
PM Genovesa: Prince Philip´s Steps
Thu AM Marchena: Mejia Point
PM Marchena: Black Beach
Fri AM Isabela: Albermale Point
PM Isabela: Vicente Roca Point
Sat AM Fernandina: Espinoza Point
PM Isabela: Urbina Bay
Sun AM Isabela: Elizabeth Bay
PM Isabela: Moreno Point
Mon AM Floreana: Haven of Peace / Alieri Hill
PM Floreana: Lobería
Tue AM Santa Cruz: Highlands / Baltra airport
Tue AM Arrival in Baltra and transfer to boat
Santa Cruz: Charles Darwin Station
Wed AM Floreana: Cormorant Point & Champion Rock
Floreana: Post Office Bay & Baroness Viewing Point
Thu AM Española: Suarez Point
Española: Gardner Bay
Fri AM San Cristobal: Lobos Island & Kicker Rock
San Cristobal: Pitt Point
Sat AM Santa Fe: Barrington Bay
South Plaza Island & Santa Cruz: Carrion Point
Sun AM Santiago: Sullivan Bay
Bartholomew Island
Mon AM Santiago: James Bay
Rábida Island
Tue AM North Seymour Island / Baltra airport
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8 days Apr 16 - Apr 23 2019 US $3385

Male share, NW departure. The only ship to take you snorkeling at Marchena Island. This is the signature "Active Galapagos" expedition cruise on the highly regarded Samba. If you don't mind getting up before dawn to be sure you will see wildlife at its best; if you don't mind snorkeling as much as possible, this trip is for you. Great crew, great food, great guide.

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